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The engineering of a project relating to a Natural Gas plant has been completed!

By 08/05/2023No Comments

Ultimata l’engineering di un progetto per un impianto gas metano di prossima fornitura!

The supply is related to REMI high-pressure PRMS of filtering, pre-heating, reducing pressure, and metering, for the upcoming installation in Northern Italy.

Features of the plant:

  • capacity of 6500 Nm3/h

  • dual reducing line (one in operation – one stand by)

  • design pressure 85 barg

  • inlet pressure 21/64 barg

  • outlet pressure cogenerator line 0,5 barg

  • outlet pressure Turbogas line 23 barg

  • cartridge filters 5 micron

  • pilot operated regulators Reflux 819 FC active+monitor built-in 2”

  • preheating line with hot water heat exchangers fuelled by boilers capacity 121,4KW each

  • upstream metering line with by-pass with G160 3” ANSI600 ultrasonic meter FLOWSIC600 and EVC type2 for data transmission through protocol Snam POT

  • quality analyzer gas chromatograph included

  • DNin=3” ANSI600

  • DNout=200 PN16

The station is protected by a concrete cabinet with two rooms: one for the decompression station and the other for the installation of the instrumentation and boilers in a safe area.