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Discover how it is working with Pegoraro Gas Technologies directly from our customers’ words

Pegoraro Gas Technologies and G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary collaborate to tackle the gas price challenge

G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary is a renowned Czech producer of porcelain products for the HORECA industry (hotels, restaurants and bars), exporting in 48 countries around the world. During the 2022 gas crisis, which had led to a significant increase in methane prices, they started looking for energy alternatives for their production sites and chose to switch their energy power source from methane gas to LPG.

Discover in this video interview with Mr. Vaclav Kolinek, Finance director of G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary, how PGT helped the company face this energy challenge. The solution tailored for them was ONLYONEUNIT with an LPG vaporizer hot water type with pressure reduction and metering station dual line, complete with the remote monitoring system PGT IoT inCloud.

The choice of PGT has a lot of advantages for us: they operate in the EU market, they’re relatively close to our production site; in addition, they have favorable prices and can deliver the equipment shortly.

Mr. Vaclav KolinekFinance director of G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary

Pegoraro Gas Technologies and Citigas: a collaboration that has lasted for over 20 years

Pegoraro Gas Technologies has been collaborating with Citigas, a service company engaged in the construction, maintenance and technical management of gas systems, for over two decades. We supply the company with various materials and gas equipment: from pressure regulators to steel filters, from protection cabinets to ball valves and butterfly valves and also complete PRS/PRMS. 

In this video interview Mr. Orazio Maiorani, Citigas Technical Director, tells in detail the collaboration relationship between the two companies, which is based on mutual trust, product quality and respect for delivery times.

Our relationship with Pegoraro Gas Technologies began more than 20 years ago. We were searching for a trustworthy partner for the supply of the various materials, gas equipment and complete pressure reducing stations. What we appreciate about PGT is the respect of delivery times and the quality of products.

Mr. Orazio MaioraniGeneral Director Citigas Soc. Coop Spa

Pegoraro Gas Technologies and Clesse UK together for an exclusive project

Clesse Industries is an international company that produces regulators for LPG, natural gas and other gases for customers all over the world. For a long time, Clesse UK, a company of the Clesse Industries group, has had a fruitful collaboration with Pegoraro Gas Technologies, crowned by the realization of several ambitious projects; despite the difficulties imposed by the spreading of Covid-19, 2020 is a record year for the company both for turnover and for the number of plants purchased.

Discover in the words of Mr. Kaz Dziamarski, CEO of Clesse UK, the project carried out in collaboration with Pegoraro Gas Technologies: a skid equipped with all the basic connections to connect the vaporizer, the reduction line and the entire operating system in a very simple way.

We really needed to look at including vaporizers solutions to the LPG regulator portfolio. We soon met with Pegoraro Gas Technologies: we decided that the range of vaporizers suited our requirements and also suited our clients’ ideas and specifications.

Mr. Kaz DziamarskiCEO Clesse UK

Gasconcept Kurpińscy, our precious Poland partner

The collaboration between Pegoraro Gas Technologies and the distributor for the Polish market GASCONCEPT KURPINSCY S.C is growing. 

The Polish market appreciates our solutions especially for the treatment of Natural Gas like the high pressure electric heat exchangers PALLADIO series, the cartridge filters and the complete CNG stations for Virtual Pipelines.

A partnership that began a few years ago but that has already achieved prestigious results such as the acquisition of important orders and leading customers in the gas distribution sector.

Gasconcept KurpińscyPoland

What other clients and partners say about us

The best of the best!

Imad Al-SabbaghCEO - Muscat Gases Company

Thanks to PGT, it was great working with you on the project (ref. SNG LPG/Air mixing unit).

Energas TechnologiesSupply of engineered gas-to-power energy solutions and equipment to the oil and gas industry

The satisfaction of having contributed to the creation of a modern and efficient storage facility to support a company forced to cope with high methane costs.

Ciro CampanileButanGas SpA Branch Manager

...talking about LPG vaporizers, your units are very good to work with and electrically they always seem high quality & reliable.

Matthew SmithHazardous area Compex qualified electrician - Autogas Technology Ltd

Hope I can find a job for PGT 2000 kg LPG vaporizer water bath: a little beauty!


Love all this Technology Big Stuff.

John NicklinProject Engineer Calor Gas Ltd - IOSH

Nice Job. PGT is one of the best companies in the world. Thanks to our partner for your kind job.

Tayeb ElashehabExecutive director ALOATKON Security Systems