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Renewable gas: the energy transition with PGT

Renewable gas plays a pivotal role in today’s sustainability-driven era of innovation, serving as a fundamental pillar for the energy transition.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies, known for its expertise in designing solutions for methane, LPG, and green gases, stands as a trusted ally for organizations ready to navigate the challenges of this change.

Renewable gas: a choice that looks towards the future

As Natural Gas from fossil fuels has long served as a primary global resource for heating and energy production, the urgent need for a paradigm shift is undeniable. To meet the ambitious emission reduction targets set at international level, the exploration of new, greener sources is now an imperative.

In this scenario, the different types of renewable gas emerge as a promising alternative to address this need. 

Biomethane, biogas, green hydrogen, ammonia, and synthetic methane represent renewable options that can support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging decarbonization efforts.

A renewable gas is extracted through innovative processes like anaerobic digestion and Power-to-Gas (P2G)technology, leveraging electrolysis. P2G technology optimizes the use of renewable energy by efficiently converting excess electricity into hydrogen. In this way, hydrogen can be easily transported over long distances and fed into the network.

Moreover, this innovation holds the potential for seasonal energy storage, significantly enhancing the sustainability of the energy system.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies seamlessly integrates into this renewable gas production chain, leveraging its expertise to deliver efficient, state-of-the-art solutions for processing gases such as biogas, biomethane, ammonia, and hydrogen.

Green Deal, towards 2050: the role of renewable gas in decarbonization

Power-to-gas technology stands out as a beacon in facilitating the widespread of green gas and aligning with the objectives outlined in the European Union’s Green Deal.

With the aim of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and ambitious interim targets set for 2030, this technology holds immense promise.

At Pegoraro Gas Technologies, our commitment to the future of our planet is unwavering. We demonstrate this dedication by designing solutions tailored to renewable gas sources. Standing alongside those committed to decarbonizing their processes, we aid in significantly decreasing reliance on fossil fuels.

Green gas

Our dedication extends beyond mere product development. We actively promote the adoption of renewable gas on a large scale. As proof of this commitment, Pegoraro Gas Technologies proudly holds membership in REA (Renewable Energy Association).

Our range of renewable gas processing solutions

Pegoraro Gas Technologies leads the charge towards a sustainable future. How do we do this? With a complete range of tailor-made technological solutions for the renewable gas supply chain.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we have meticulously curated a catalogue of products for the use of different types of renewable gas. To ensure the utmost quality, we select premium materials for constructing our systems and prioritize excellence in every phase of their design.

Our diverse catalog encompasses bespoke solutions for renewable gases, complemented by integrated products and services.

These include:


innovative plants ensuring the availability of methane and biomethane in areas devoid of direct distribution network connections, extending access to clean energy;

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Biogas stations

robust and dependable solutions engineered for outdoor installation, ensuring safe and reliable biogas compression;

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Hydrogen blending stations

essential solutions in blending Natural Gas from local distribution networks with hydrogen. They facilitate the transition to cleaner energy through the use of this renewable gas.

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Additionally, our offerings include an array of filters, valves, and solenoid valves, further enhancing efficiency and performance of systems fed with renewable gas.

At Pegoraro Gas Technologies, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that propel the renewable energy sector forward, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for us all.


Why choose renewable gas compatible PGT solutions

Choosing Pegoraro Gas Technologies (PGT) signifies a commitment to the future.

Our technologies for renewable gas technologies are meticulously crafted to ensure not only maximum return on investment but also offer complete remote supervision and data collection. One such solution is PGT IoT inCloud, facilitating remote monitoring, measurement, and visualization of various physical quantities in gas plants.

In addition to providing high-quality stations and cutting-edge control systems for renewable gases, our after-sales service is outstanding.

We offer mechanical maintenance services along with spare parts supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Our dedicated team promptly addresses customer inquiries and develops solutions tailored to diverse environments.

Every product we deliver is built to last. We select the finest materials and adhere to the highest international standards, providing certification documents for all solutions.

Furthermore, PGT conducts training courses for customers, empowering sales personnel, and technical staff with comprehensive knowledge of our equipment for optimal management, especially in the context of energy transition and renewable gas.

Emphasizing both innovation and human connection, we cultivate enduring relationships based on mutual trust. These qualities make Pegoraro Gas Technologies the ideal partner to navigate the path to energy transition. Our innovative technologies and advanced services for renewable gas processing reflect our vision of a green and sustainable future.

In a world where sustainability drives the energy agenda, PGT actively contributes to a zero-emission future through the implementation and advancement of renewable gas technologies.

Explore PGT’s renewable gas solutions and embark on the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.