Pressure vaporizing/reducing station for LPG

We design and produce different types of vaporizing, filtering, reducing and metering LPG station for industrial and civil installations.

Our plants are designed and produced according to main standards.

They can be completed with metal cabinet.



Pegoraro Gas Technologies designs and produces LPG stations for vaporizing, filtering, reducing, and metering plants, also on skid frames.

Each LPG station is specially developed for LPG to be employed in industrial and commercial applications, but they can be adapted also for civil use.

PGT LPG stations are designed in accordance with the European framework 2014/68/EU PED Pressure Equipment Directive (option ASME).

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    LPG station: main characteristics and functions

    Our LPG station is designed to meet different needs and to be used also in remote areas or areas with no natural gas pipelines.

    It can be added to an LPG tank to provide gas for broad usages, such as cookery, machinery, industry, and hospitality structures, among others.

    It is usually inserted in a complete LPG plant, between a storage tank and a pumping unit, and a vaporizer.

    In addition to single LPG station, Pegoraro Gas Technologies is also able to supply complete plans, in a wide range of models. These are suitable for the following applications:

    • lowering the pressure of the first and second stages;
    • reducing the pressure with a metering line;
    • vaporizing and reducing pressure;
    • vaporizing and reducing the pressure with a metering line;
    • vaporizing side, with single or stand-by vaporizers. Multiple vaporizers plans are also available in case of huge capacities.

    Also, we offer solutions with complete wiring of electrical components on board, and metal cabinets for protection with a venting system.

    Each of our LPG station can be constructed with stainless steel AISI304/316, a perfect solution for countries where low temperatures are reached. Furthermore, we supply our LPG station in a wide range of capacities and pressures.

    Every requirement is satisfied with PGT LPG station

    At Pegoraro Gas Technologies, we offer highly customized solutions to meet the most diverse needs of LPG stations in the industrial, commercial, and civil fields.

    For example, we offer complete customization of the capacity of the pipes, the cabin, and even the vaporizer, to adapt the use to different situations and parameters required by each project.

    Customization also extends to the station, design, and configuration, to reduce installation costs and guarantee the highest safety standards. All our models of LPG station can be equipped with an onboard control panel, and ready-to-use versions are also available.

    We also offer ONLYONEUNIT  models, designed to enclose the station and all the accessories in a single central structure. The advantages of this solution are undeniable: ready-to-use package, quick connection inlet/outlet pipelines, easy handling on site, all main monitoring and controls devices are on board, and the equipment is protected by a suitable cabinet. In addition, these edges are complemented by reduced installation costs.

    All versions, even the most tailored ones, are devised in compliance with the highest national and international standards.

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    PGT IoT inCloud for our LPG station

    All the models of LPG station produced by Pegoraro Gas Technologies are compatible with our innovative service PGT IoT inCloud. A unique solution that authorizes you to monitor, assess, and measure physical quantities remotely.

    There are multiple benefits associated with PGT IoT inCloud for LPG stations, such as simplified maintenance, scheduled interventions, the decline of time-wasting onsite exits and plant downtime, ongoing monitoring of parameters, alarm setting, and the lack of geographical limitation through a Web Service account.

    The advantages of choosing PGT LPG station

    There are various edges linked with choosing a LPG station produced by Pegoraro Gas Technologies.

    In addition to the possibility of remotely managing, monitoring, and measuring the performance and values associated with the station’s performance, thanks to the PGT IoT inCloud service, all our models are characterized by their extreme flexibility.

    As we have seen, a Pegoraro Gas Technologies LPG station is undoubtedly the best choicewhen it comes to tailoring. Each proposal is completely customizable, with a compact design capable of adapting to the most diverse requirements of flow rate, connections, and installation, among other things. Also, it is compatible with the use of methane and butane. These characteristics allow our clients to personalize each model in the tiniest detail, fully adjusting the LPG station to their needs.

    Furthermore, our ONLYONEUNIT model is one of a kind, thanks to its extreme ease of installation and management.

    In addition, all our models comply with the highest international and national standards, ensuring the best performance and the greatest safety.

    They are suitable for use even in remote areas or places without natural gas pipelines, and they are currently installed and in use in a huge variety of countries, mostly in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

    Finally, our solutions are designed to respond to industrial, commercial and civil uses.