LPG vaporizer

We can offer a full range of LPG vaporizers.

The vaporizer is a heat exchanger designed to allow liquified petroleum gas to enter in a liquid form and to come out in a gaseous form, ready to be used in civil, industrial and commercial plant applications, maximum safety.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies designed the vaporizer by bringing together a heat exchanger and a patented thermostatic mechanical regulation valve.

LPG is pre-heated by an intermediate fluid (water), that comes from an external boiler (hot water version) or pre-heated by an Eexd electrical resistance (electric version) with two thermostats, one of regulation and one of safety.

Our LPG vaporizers are realized and certified as per norms VSR-M-ISPESL Ed. 1999 conformed to Directive 97/23/EC PED and integrated by EN13445-5; ASME VIII Div.1 Ed. 2002. Other Directive applied 94/9/EC ATEX.

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At Pegoraro Gas Technologies, we understand the importance of finding the perfect LPG vaporizer to suit your needs. That’s why we have a full range of them, water bath type, in both electric and hot water variations. All of our LPG vaporizers are designed and engineered with advanced technology techniques.

Our products are specially designed to convert liquified petroleum gas from a liquid form to a gaseous state, ready to be employed in civil, industrial, and commercial applications, with a flow rate from 30 up to 2000 Kg/h.

Each PGT LPG vaporizer joins together a heat exchanger and an inlet mechanical liquid control valve and is certified conforming to European Directive 2014/68/EU PED and EN13445, ASME VIII Div.1 Ed. 2002. Other Directive applied is 2014/34/EU ATEX.

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    Why should you use our LPG vaporizer

    Choosing a model of an LPG vaporizer produced by Pegoraro Gas Technologies has undeniable edges. For example, all the models can perform even with a high percentage of butane and have a wide range of capacities. Moreover, some electrical preheated models can be pivoted to boiler-fed versions.

    All our solutions are 100% Made in Italy, and their quality is certified by competent third-party bodies. The high quality of Pegoraro Gas Technologies’ LPG vaporizers is complemented by an extraordinarily efficient real-time after-sales service and numerous measures specifically designed to ensure maximum safety.

    Our LPG Vaporizers are equipped with an innovative and exclusive system that excludes liquid not vaporized gas production. The system is completely mechanical and permits checking both the water and the gas temperatures.

    This control system doesn’t require an electrical power supply and it is able to interrupt the flow when the operating conditions are not met. Moreover, the control valve does not need a manual reset.

    Maintenance is also extremely simplified, thanks to an installation and control system that does not require electrical and/or pneumatic power, inexpensive spare parts and individually replaceable components, availability of “Onlyoneunit” versions pre-assembled, pre-wired, and pre-tested, and a control system that is incredibly simple to calibrate.

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    LPG hot water vaporizers and LPG electric vaporizers

    In PGT solutions, LPG is pre-heated by an intermediate liquid (water) from an external boiler (hot water version) or pre-heated by an EEXD ATEX electrical resistance (electric version) with two thermostats (one of regulation, one of safety).

    Both the water and the electric version are based on PGT indirect heating vaporizer technology, which has the same functionality as a direct-fired vaporizer, but with a higher working safety level.

    To guarantee the safety of the vaporizer, both versions don’t require a specific plant and electric switchboard for the solenoid valve and an air compressor for the pneumatic valve, and both enclose a mechanical control regulation valve. Also, our system doesn’t require a gas chamber built-in that can be filled by LPG in the liquid phase.

    All of the above, thanks to our mechanical liquid inlet control valve.

    Either LPG electric Vaporizer or LPG hot water Vaporizer also create a reduced amount of liquid in case of system failure. Furthermore, they have high-reliability components and low maintenance required, affordable spare parts, a modular plant that allow the replacement of every single component, and moderate gas overheating.

    Pegoraro Gas Technologies water bath LPG vaporizers are available in three different models:

    MINIVAP40, coil type, capacity 30-40 Kg/h

    ECOVAP, coil type, capacity 50-1000 Kg/h

    VAPEG, removable tube bundle type, capacity 200-2000 kg/h

    Some models, such as ECOVAP type, are also available in “Combo” version, with the possibility to obtain preheated water alternately from electric resistance or hot water coming from process water, grated by specific heat exchangers.

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    PGT LPG electric vaporizer

    The LPG electric vaporizer produced by Pegoraro Gas Technologies is equipped with an EExd heating element and with an ATEX equipment classification of II -/2G Ex db IIC -/Gb Ex tb IIC -/Db.Our LPG electric vaporizers come in different models, able to manage a flow rate from 30 up to 1500 kg/h, and available with different power and with a voltage of 230/400/415/440V, with 50/60 Hz in all cases.

    All models, moreover, are fitted with 2 thermostats, one of regulation and one of safety.

    A compatible solution with PGT IoT inCloud

    Both LPG electric vaporizers and LPG hot water vaporizers produced by Pegoraro Gas Technologies are always compatible with the PGT IoT inCloud service, which allows you to monitor, measure and view remotely physical quantities relevant to the plant.

    There are many benefits correlated to the use of PGT IoT inCloud for LPG vaporizers, such as simplified maintenance, the possibility to plan interventions, the reduction of time-wasting onsite exits and plant downtime, ongoing monitoring of parameters and the availability of alarms, and also the opportunity to have a customized account on Web Service that can be consulted from everywhere.

    This innovative solution enables comprehensive, remote monitoring of LPG vaporizers, allowing you to stay up to date on voltage operations and package faults while easily tracking water levels and temperatures.

    And with timely updates on gas outlet temperature and pressure, you can keep your systems always running strong.

    Technical details

    • flow rates from 30 up to 2000 Kg/h
    • water bath version with hot water preheated by external boiler or preheated by Eexd electric resistance on board
    • vaporizer, powered by 220V mono phase or 380/415/440V three phase
    • feed-out and feed-back version
    • PS=20 barg
    • TS gas side=-40/+120°C
    • innovative and exclusive system that exclude liquid not vaporized gas production. The system is totally mechanical and realized by our inlet liquid control valve with two levels of checking: WATER AND GAS TEMPERATURES.
    • vertical installation for models Minivap40 and Ecovap
    • horizontal installation for model Vapeg
    • coil version for models Minivap40 and Ecovap
    • extractable nest of tubes heat exchanger for model Vapeg
    • body insulated for models Minivap40 and Ecovap (option for model Vapeg)
    • available compact model MINIVAP40 30 and 40 Kg/h
    • available control panels for safe area or Eexd version on board vaporizers
    • on request, ammonia NH3 vaporizers and mod. COMBO, with hot water preheated alternately by electric resistance or hot water coming from the process of the factory and treated by a plate heat exchanger.