NG, CNG & CBNG high pressure heat exchangers PALLADIO series – VIRTUAL PIPELINE

Traditional systems provide the water preheating by hot water producing unit: our solution provide an electric resistance already assembled on board that preheat the water in the vessel of the heat exchanger.

Our solution excludes external hot water producing unit as thermal plants, boilers and circulating pumps. This solution reduces drastically installation and maintenance costs.

Our range provides heat exchangers with Max. Design Pressure of 250 bar.

These equipment are suitable to preheat the compressed gases (Compressed Natural Gas – CNG and Compressed Biomethane – CBNG) on trailers before reducing their pressure.

These devices are designed and produced in accordance to 2014/68/UE PED Pressure Equipment Directive.

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    Technical details

    • for pressure up to 250 bar (CNG)
    • connections threaded and flanged
    • rating flange ANSI300/ANSI600/ANSI1500/ANSI2500
    • threaded rating S.6000 NPT
    • electric power: 4/8/16/24/32/48 KW 380/400V 50Hz 3phase or 220V 50Hz monophase
    • wide range of capacity