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Life in PGT

Pegoraro Gas Technologies is not just a company: it is a real family.

Having a close-knit, passionate and collaborative team is essential to carry out every day professional challenges and the key to the many goals achieved by PGT in recent years derives from this: great work, dedication, friendship.

June 2024

Team building at Lake Garda

Lake Garda was the setting for our annual team-building event. We spent a wonderful day sailing, an experience that was both fun and formative. In a crew, each person plays a crucial role: only by working together can we stay on course and achieve our goals. We learned that communication, trust, and mutual support are essential to meet any challenge, both on the water and in our daily work.

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June 2023

PGT technical sponsor of the female football team Vicenza Calcio Femminile

On the occasion of 8 March, we had the pleasure of hosting some players of Vicenza Calcio Femminile and the coach of the team which plays in the Italian “Serie C”.

‌We are happy to accompany the team in the 2023-24 football season as a technical sponsor. We are rooting for gender equality, and the partnership with Vicenza Calcio Femminile is a concrete gesture to demonstrate our commitment.

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June 2023

Watermelon Party 2023

Last June 8, the PGT family gathered for an event that has now become a solid tradition here in our headquarter, welcoming the summer and celebrating the successes of the first months of 2023! A moment to bring together families, friends and customers which this year also saw the participation of important guests such as the President of the Province of Vicenza Andrea Nardin, the Mayor of Arcugnano Paolo Pellizzari, the Provincial President of Apindustria Confimi Vicenza Mariano Rigotto and the Agape Social Cooperative.

…and why not take this wonderful opportunity to reward some of our clients for their extraordinary sales results in 2022?

A wonderful day for everyone!

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May 2022

Team building at the Lausen mountain hut

Last 27 May the whole Pegoraro Gas Technologies family took a trip, guest at the Lausen mountain hut in the Lessini Mountains Natural Park (Italy), for a sharing and team building day away. Lots of recreational activities and teamwork to connect more and more one other, and to create a group not only of colleagues, but above all of friends!

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September 2021

A trip to the Venetian Lagoon

A toast to the fantastic Pegoraro Gas Technologies team and to an ever more satisfying future!

At the beginning of September PGT organized a trip to the wonderful Venice Lagoon to celebrate together the extraordinary achievements of this year.

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Our team never stops

Even in a difficult moment like the Covid-19 Pandemic and with all the necessary protections, our team squared up and continued to work, congratulations to all of us!!

August 2018

Watermelon Party 2018

The 2018 edition of our famous and unmissable Watermelon Party, the best way to celebrate the Italian summer and say goodbye before the summer break!

November 2017

PGT 10th anniversary

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of Pegoraro Gas Technologies, we visited the exhibition of the beautiful drawings and paintings by the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh which was held in the fantastic setting of the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza – Italy.

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August 2017

Watermelon Party 2017

Our annual appointment before the office closing for the summer holidays: a time to have fun and relax with our families, friends and clients.

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December 2016

Ornella is getting married

The wedding of our Financial Manager Ornella: another day of celebration for all of us.

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