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About us

Made in Italy and high quality solutions for the treatment of natural gas, LPG, green gases.

We are one company with know-how in the sector of designing and producing Natural Gas, LPG, green gases treatment plants.

Our solutions are installed and tested in all over the world and to the various climatic conditions, from strong cold of North Europe and Siberia up to desert areas of Middle East.

We export directly in more than 30 countries and indirectly in more than 50 countries.

The company is located in the province Vicenza, a province which is rich in history and art, the city of Andrea Palladio, famous architect lived in 1500, recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage site.

Discover our international projects
Pegoraro Gas Technologies - New Plant Home 2 - Soluzioni per il trattamento di gas metano/GPL gas verdi e ammoniaca.
Pegoraro Gas Technologies - NUOVA SEDE PGT!

We are distributor of Pompetravaini Spa, leading production company for Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps for LPG and other fluids.

Discover our offer that includes liquid ring vacuum pumps, monostage centrifugal pumps and blowers here >

Our story


Foundation of the trade company PEGORARO sas


Foundation of Pegoraro srl
Our Quality System is conformed to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Obtaining of the product certification in accordance to PED Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU


Ornella, Luca e Marco acquire PEGORARO Srl and found PEGORARO GAS TECHNLOGIES srl


Booming of export business

Dal 2009 al 2017

Obtaining of numerous product approvals in some strategic foreign markets


Call from Ministry of Economic Development to represent the Energy sector in occasion of the Export Forum


PEGORARO® is a registered trademark


New product line for green gases (hydrogen, ammonia, bio-methane and biogas)


New headquarters in Arcugnano (VI) – Italy

Our mission: to make our KING CUSTOMER satisfied

Pegoraro Gas Technologies offers to the customers its experience and a totally MADE IN ITALY technology and proposes alternative products from the competitors that make the offer personalized and exclusive.

Choose our solutions for the treatment of Natural Gas, LPG, green gases.

Customized solutions and Italian creativity
Constant corporate system and product quality
Responsive customer-requests-related answers
Flexible about delivery terms matters
Long-term and durable relationship with the customers
Efficient post-sale service
Product certificates and declarations of conformity with the delivery of goods

In September 2011 Pegoraro Gas Technologies has received the prestigious assignment to represent Energy sector in occasion of Export Forum organized by Ministry of Economic Development of Italian Government.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies participated in some prestigious projects, thanks also to the close collaboration of the local partners. We have realized for example Grand Heritage Doha Luxury Hotel of Al Baaya and Police Station for Ministry of Interior of Al Khor, both in Doha Qatar. In these occasions, we installed solutions for the treatment of Natural Gas, LPG, green gases.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies is associated to APINDUSTRIA CONFIMI VICENZA

A point of reference organization representing manufacturing and services companies of Vicenza.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies is a proud member of REA

In 2023, we joined the Association for Renewable Energy & Clean Technology to demonstrate our commitment to the promotion of renewable energy and clean technology.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies is a sponsor of Vicenza Calcio Femminile

We are happy to support the women’s team of our city during the football season 2023/2024.