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A major project for a great Italian excellence

By 14/09/2023October 24th, 2023No Comments

There are so many excellences of Made in Italy, and pasta is definitely the queen of them! That’s why putting our solutions at the service of a historic pasta factory like Pastificio Felicetti makes us particularly proud.

For the Molina di Fiemme plant, in the Italian Province of Trento, was chosen a PRS 700 Nm3/h dual line, inlet pressure 5 barg max and 0,5 barg outlet pressure. Also present is a PRMS with capacity 400 and 50 Nm3/h, single line, inlet pressure 0,5 barg, outlet pressure 100 and 20 mbarg, metering line with quantometers QA250 and QA40, both with EVC and Modbus communication protocol.

Other features:

  • direct action regulators with OPSO

  • stainless steel cabinet mm. 2400x1200x2000h