CASE HISTORY: Prestigious order for designing and producing natural gas and nitrogen treatment plant on skid

case history metano ed azoto

Pegoraro Gas Technologies has acquired a prestigious order!

We have recently designed and produced one natural gas and nitrogen treatment plant that has been installed in a leading steel factory in Italy.

Main features of the project:

  • Realized in accordance to 2014/68/EU PED Directive
  • Flow rate methane: 4950 Nmch
  • Flow rate nitrogen: 500 Nmch
  • Inlet pressure methane: 5/12 bar
  • Inlet pressure nitrogen: 4/5 bar
  • Outlet pressure methane: 0,45 bar
  • Outlet pressure nitrogen: 0,45 bar
  • Dual line for methane (main line + stand-by line) both 100% of the capacity
  • Single line nitrogen
  • Steel cartridge filters 50 micron of filtration
  • Direct action pressure regulators with SSV
  • Nitrogen line preheated by our SM2 8KW 380/400V 3PH 50HZ electric heater
  • Welding tests: 100%VT 50%RT 100%PT

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