CASE HISTORY:  Project for 1st stage preheating station, filtering, pressure reduction and measurement for natural gas


We have finalized the supplying, installation and commissioning of a new natural gas treatment plant in Trentino Alto Adige region of Italy: this project has been realized for a company producing fruit derivates.
In this project, our technology of indirect electric exchangers of preheating gas has been applied.
Thanks to this solution, the end user avoids boiler room building, with savings in management and maintenance costs.

Features of the station

  • Realized in accordance to ReMi ed.2014 standard

  • Rating flanges ANSI300

  • Flow rate=480 Nm3/h

  • Inlet pressure 20/24 barg

  • Metering pressure 2 barg

  • Dual line, one working and one stand-by for emergency

  • Preheating line with our SM2 8KW electric heaters

  • Steel cartridge filters with clogging indicator

  • Pilot operated pressure regulators, active-monitor

  • Metering line with by-bass equipped by turbine meter G100 3” and EVC with remote reading

Features of gas piping

  • Supplying, installation and testing of 1” and 4” gas pipeline of connection between high pressure pipeline and inlet pipeline of our station