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Pegoraro Gas Technologies

Leader in the design and production of Natural Gas, LPG, green gases treatment solutions.

About usOur plants around the world

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Design and production of gas treatment solutions

Made in Italy quality

Trading of accessories and spare parts for gas devices

Reliability and trust

Commissioning, maintenance and training courses on our equipment

On-site services

Remote monitoring solution for gas plants

PGT IoT inCloud


We produce standard and customized solutions:
• complete solutions for pre-heating, filtering, reducing, metering and control for Natural Gas, LPG, green gases
• Natural Gas compact pressure reducing units COMPACT series
• gas treatment plants ONLYONEUNIT series
• autogas LPG skid mounted also for filling cylinders €UROSKID series
• LPG vaporizers
• hot water unit TIEPOLO1000 and TIEPOLO1000AA series
• SNG mixing units
• cartridge filters
• heat exchanger for Natural Gas (NG&CNG) PALLADIO series
• metal cabinets for gas plants
• LPG condensate separator CANOVA series
• LPG bypass valves VICENZA35 series
• piping and tailor-made pieces
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Pegoraro Gas Techologies - Apparecchiature per il trattamento di gas metano, GPL, gas verdi
Pegoraro Gas Technologies - Apparecchiature gas metano, GPL, gas verdi

Other equipment

Pegoraro Gas Technologies can offer a wide range of equipment for Natural Gas, LPG, green gases plants, such as:
• filtering systems
• pressure regulators
• valves
• solenoid valves
• slam-shut, safety and relief valves
• pressure equipment
• temperature control equipment
• metering equipment
• self adjusting heating cables
• dielectric joints and flexible hoses
• POMPETRAVAINI self-priming centrifugal pumps for LPG
• LPG tanks and accessories
• flanges and accessories for piping
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mechanical maintenance

on gas plants and equipment with selling of spare parts coming from leading producers

electronic maintenance

on control and data transmission devices

assembling and commissioning on field

of our plants

training courses

focalized on our equipment (e.g. LPG vaporizers)

remote monitoring solution

for your gas plant
We design and produce a wide range of solutions for green gases such as Biogas, Biomethane, Ammonia, Hydrogen. In addition to high pressure heat exchangers PALLADIO series and CNG daugther stations for VIRTUAL PIPELINE, we offer:
  • filtering, reducing pressure and metering plants;
  • vaporizers and vaporizing plants;
  • pumping plants;
  • compressors;
  • wide range of equipment.

Proud member of

Our solutions are installed and tested in all over the world and to the various climatic conditions, from strong cold of North Europe and Siberia up to desert areas of Middle East.
case-study Oman 2019 - Pegoraro Gas Technologies
LPG vaporizer Ecovap 500 kg/h electric with pressure reduction station dual line

In Pegoraro Gas Technologies we produced


complete NG and LPG stations


cartridge filters


LPG vaporizers


CNG High pressure NG & CNG heat exchangers


autogas skid mounted

Pegoraro Gas Technologies:
solutions for Natural Gas, LPG, green gases designed for you

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8.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas

are passing through our solutions

5.3 billion kg of LPG

are passing through our solutions

46 linear meters/5 sqm of piping and exchange area

ref. LPG vaporizer Ecovap1000 model

454 linear meters/14 sqm of piping and exchange area

ref. LPG vaporizer Vapeg2000 model

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