PRMS for NG completely remote controlled

Stazione di trattamento Gas Metano con controllo da remoto


Pegoraro Gas Technologies has designed and realized a natural gas treatment plant that thanks to the use of controlled pilot acting pressure regulators mod. Reval182 with an integrated device called FIO (Five In One) is able to monitor following parameters:

  1. Indirect measurement of flow rate calculated thanks to the inlet and outlet pressure and to the shutter movement
  2. Pressure modulation: control of the outlet pressure according to a program established
  3. Flow rate limitation: the outlet pressure is controlled to mantain the flow rate below to a established parameter
  4. Remote monitoring: inlet pressure, outlet pressure, working of slam-shut valve and monitor valve, filters status, gas leakage
  5. emergency supply disruption or for delays payment (OPSO is required)
  • Flow rate: 7000 Nmch
  • DN inlet=6”
  • Filters T.3 6”
  • Pressure regulating valve 2”1/2
  • Turbine meter 8”
  • DN outlet=8”
  • Inlet pressure 12 bar
  • Outlet pressure 4,2 bar