Why is our series of LPG Vaporizers exclusive?


Traditional Vaporizers

Actually most of countries have norms disposing the use of safety devices to avoid LPG  liquid phase in grid distribution; normally the solution is to use solenoid or pneumatic valves. Solenoid valves have to be Eexd certified, specifically connected and they need electric switchboard. Pneumatic valves need an air compressor group, specific plant and electric switchboard.

Pegoraro Gas Technologies Vaporizers

Our vaporizers are equipped with an Exclusive and  Innovative Control Valve totally mechanical and covered by patent. This valve allows only production of gas in gaseus form, and EXCLUDES liquid not vaporized gas production. Our system controls liquid gas flow according to the water and gas temperature.
Pegoraro Gas Technologies’s vaporizers use high quality materials and specific production procedures, totally MADE IN ITALY.
Finally safety devices working cost free. 

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